The Treehouse
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The Treehouse

10919 Strathmore, Los Angeles, 90024




Far from campus
Close to campus
Not clean
Very clean
Bad landlord
Good landlord
Small rooms
Spacious rooms
Bad parties
Good Parties
Bad neighbors
Good neighbors
Bad overall
Good overall

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Posted 04/02/2015

pretty awful, i agree with the last poster below. seriously i don't understand who can live here....

Posted 01/25/2015

terrible, partying everyday, people are so loud here IMPOSSIBLE to study here, extremely DIRTY but people are ok with it, they need better musicians when they have concerts. if you're sane and do not do drugs don't come here

Posted 05/26/2010

The treehouse is a pretty unique and fun place to live, but be ready for what you're getting yourself into. it must be said that the place is in pretty sad condition and aside from the mold and leaking ceilings, the windows are busted and the sink don't drain. The kitchen is only partially functional and pretty dirtayyyy, despite my efforts to clean it. Having lived in the co-op, the change wasn't too drastic but I could do with cleaner living conditions.

If you can deal with that and enjoy a noisy, bohemian livestyle, the treehouse provides. there's always plenty going on and I don't mind the music that goes onto 2 am from the penthouse, and if not from them from the frats. I never wanted to live in a monastery anyway.

Fariba is a very frightening landlady. she's very terse and unpleasant but for the most part leaves us alone. this means she doesn't fix things but she also does not call any cops on us either. its a trade off, and if you're handy then you should be fine.

one last thing- parking here is nothing short of a disaster. people are always parking in other peoples spots and most of the cars are pretty beat. i almost always count on my spot being taken. my roommate parked his car at the spot right in front of the stairway (our assigned spot) and had his hood stomped in during a party that weekend. pretty bummerific. don't have nice things and leave the door open and be free and you should be fine.