652 Veteran

Average monthly rent: $1950.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Has Landlord Onsite
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Overall 1.7
Quietness 4.3
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 5.0
Well Kept
Landlord 1.7
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 2.0


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Submitted March 29, 2018

Molly and her partner are fantastic landlords ( I've lived in about 13 apts in my life). The building and appliances are dated, but any maintenance requests are fixed within 24-36 hours. Safety and comfort of residents is their #1 concern and they go out of their way to check out any disturbances. The building is well kept and taken care of every day and is in a very quiet part of Westwood. The walk to UCLA can be brutal at times but it is much closer to the village and getting groceries is easier.
10/10 would recommend this building manager and building!

Submitted Oct. 7, 2010

I lived in a one bedroom apartment at 652 Veteran ave in Westwood. I kept the place perfect and was always quiet. No damage to the apt, walls, carpet, etc. and the place was spotless when I moved out. I even had pictures of before and after to prove it. Yet, when I moved out, I was slapped with over $500 in cleaning fees (are you KIDDING ME?) and a $500 subletting fee. I had a subletter for TWO out of 12 months. On top of that, they tried to charge me for rent shortfall. Thank God, I had written documentation to challenge that last claim.

The manager was very dishonest and not helpful at all. The only thing that partially saved me in the end was getting EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING in written documentation.

They stole my security deposit with no justification. When I called to ask why paint, carpet, and cleaning came up to over $500, they basically told me "it is what it is." So, now I'm getting $400 out of $1500 deposit back.

Like the last reviewer stated, going to small claims court is probably the only thing that will get all my money back.

Too late for me, but not for you. DO NOT RENT FROM XENON INVESTMENT CORP.

Submitted Aug. 28, 2010

Bruins, from the bottom of my heart, STAY AWAY from here if you want an enjoyable, stress-free apartment life experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sharing my experience here and wish that no other Bruins need to go through this nightmare.

Dishonest landlord without any integrity. When we first signed the contract, the landlord promised that kitchen tiles will be changed and hot water cost is covered. After we signed the contract, all promises were thrown out of the window. We still have e-mail records and solid evidence about their promises. Later on we found out why they lied to us, it's because the apartment uses electricity to boil water instead of gas, so be prepared to add an extra hundred dollars each month for electricity compared to other students in the area. They do not want people to know this. They also have a habit of trespassing into people's apartments without prior notices. The management basically just give you lies blatantly to trick you to sign a contract, then you are stuck.

There are so many problems with our apartment, leaky pipes, mold in kitchen cabinets resulted from leaking pipes, closet doors that don't close, window blinds that are falling apart, windows that don't open, pests such as silverfish from rotting wood, doors that cannot close, etc. There are certain problems which are quite serious, such as the heeling of kitchen tiles. If I go and cook, I can easily trip on the uneven tiles and fall onto the stove with fire and hot items. I have expressed my concern for safety for more than half a year, but again my requests are ignored.

I have seen cockroaches and mice around the apartment complex, although I kept my apartment clean, cockroaches are just a big issue here. Luckily the mice have not been able to get so far.

I just cannot include all of problems with the apartment here. Called and sent e-mails to the management to fix these issues since the beginning of the lease, and almost all problems are ignored. At the end I needed to file complaints at LA Housing Department and LA Department of Health to get a little response, and they did not address the issues until 2 weeks before the end of our tenancy. Even until now, the issues are still existing and I am moving in several days. The only thing that they care is just collecting rent.

My roommate and I are responsible tenants, we paid rent in full and on-time every month. Recently, we found that the landlord is using excuses to try to take away our deposits. They made claims saying that we had bounced/returned checks in the past and gave us penalties. But according to our bank statements/records, all transactions went through without problems. When we explained to them, they didn't care, they just wanted the money.

After the end of our tenancy, we may still need to fight for a full refund of our deposits, and might possibly need to go to court.

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