516 Glenrock

Average monthly rent: $3356.1

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Has Pool
  • Includes Gas
  • Includes Electricity
  • Includes Trash
  • Includes Internet
  • Has Jacuzzi
  • Allows Dogs
  • Allows Small Animals
  • Has Landlord Onsite
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Overall 3.2
Quietness 3.4
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 3.4
Well Kept
Landlord 3.2
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 3.8


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Submitted Nov. 20, 2017

The management started out really great at the beginning of the school year but has declined. The fire alarm goes off sometimes for really long periods of time and can't be turned off. The manager claims to live on site but is literally never here. I have sent multiple maintenance requests about my fridge which freezes everything inside and the manager has still not replied. I have heard from my friends that the management sucks at this place but was having a good experience with the management for the first month or so, but now I agree that the management isn't great. And there is super loud parties every weekend in the apartment and the frats behind it so it's super loud. But the management is very lenient so if you want to have parties and participate in whatever sort of activities in your apartment then this is a good place for that. The apartments themselves are really spacious and have hardwood floors which is nice.

Submitted Oct. 19, 2017

The owner is a criminal, all three building managers incompetent. Ruthie the current manager lies about everything. Terrible experience, you will not receive your security deposit back.

Submitted Oct. 19, 2017

It's just sad that the manager and the company even need to fake good reviews. For real guys, if you wanted to get ur deposit back and have a quiet and peaceful life you should seriously consider living somewhere else. It's just so hard to find the manager whenever there's a problem and she would make up all kinds of lies to cover up things. Do not expect her to reply to your text, and do not believe whatever she promised. I specifically asked her about getting my full deposit back and asked her if that's the right amount and she replied "sounds about right". Then when my check arrived, which is in almost 2 months after I moved out (I called her multiple times and texted her tons to get the deposit release form, she didnt even send that to me without me asking. Also this is illegal already cuz the law requires them to return the money to tenants within 21 days), I lost 1/7 of my deposit. She couldnt even give me a good reason for charging me and when I confronted her with this she told me "sounds about right" is NOT a confirmation lol. Ironically when I required written proof for the deduction of security deposit she sent me a form with a deduction amount much less than what she actually charged me. Then 10 minutes later when I asked her about the discrepancy she told me she saved the wrong paperwork file and she should have charged me more for something else. I couldnt imagine an even more daring way to rob ppl's money.

Submitted Oct. 19, 2017


Submitted Aug. 12, 2017

I lived at this building for three years and they play musical landlords because the place is terrible. I went through FOUR different building managers while I was there. Someone threw up on the steps up to the first floor and it NEVER got cleaned up, they just let it sit until it was tracked away on enough people's shoes. The elevators are so sketchy and frequently take forever to come. Our unit had a TERRIBLE cockroach infestation for the whole last year I lived there and Ruthie flat out lied to prospective tenants about the bug problem. My roommate told people touring that there was a cockroach problem and she denied it and attacked my roommate calling her a dirty person. We kept the apartment pretty much spotless. I frequently found roaches in my bags and in the pantries. Don't live here unless you want an overpriced apartment with shitty Internet and a deceptive and lazy landlord!!!!

Submitted May 22, 2017

Do not use the pool or spa! Both my friend and I got skin infections from it and the manager denied responsibility. The manager promises to have maintenance come all the time, but they never come. The building either needs a new water pump or is relying on city pressure only because the water pressure is shit. The air conditioning units break often. The floors and ceiling are sloped so earthquakes might be a problem. The elevator is always broken and has never been repaired. The washing machines are broken often. The entrance always smells like cat pee because the building allows pets. If you can live anywhere else do it.

Submitted April 30, 2017

I've lived here two years now. Which I enjoyed most of it. I liked that I was able to leave summer. Sublet my spot. And come back for fall. With no rent raise! That's prettt much unheard of

Submitted April 30, 2017

I originally was hoping to get into the dorms and didn't last year . But this was available and was a good choice. Cheap. Spacious. A lot of my friends lived in the building so that was good. And good location to south campus from here furnished too

Submitted April 30, 2017

I think this apartment was great. Ucla Student Housing was so quick on maintenance. I got two parking spots (one tandem) which was free.. can't beat that. And I got to do a June to June lease very tough to come by thank you

Submitted April 30, 2017

Why is the picture wrong? That's the building across the street .. with the Irish lady ?? Lol anyways.

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