403 Landfair

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Submitted March 5, 2015

I've lived in two separate units in 403 Landfair for 3 years, now, and I haven't regretted a single year of it. The floor environment depends on where you live. The third floor tends to have parties, which are very annoying, and the second tends to have a VERY strong community environment. Other floors are pretty quiet.

403, like all apartments, is what you make of it. The cleaning and maintenance staff do their best to keep things neat; if there's trash in the hall, it's because residents have neglected to throw it away.

I have always found Marko, the building manager, very reasonable: if you treat him well, he will treat you well. He does not like demanding, rude, or loud tenants -- and I respect that. Yes, we rent from him, but I'm not of the opinion that a check entitles residents to abuse the manager. I have never had any problems with him, and he has always promptly replied to my emails, texts, and helped figure out any problem I might have.

The building is in the process of being renovated; every summer, different apartments are updated. At this point, most are hardwood floors, which I appreciate; they are much easier to clean than the carpet.

Most parking is tandem. Each apartment is assigned two spots, which worked out perfectly for my roommates.

Submitted Oct. 28, 2014

Please avoid 403 Landfair at all costs. The manager, Marko, is absolutely rude and unreasonable. Everyone in the building feels afraid that he will irrationally yell at them for very small minor issues like parking or noise, even though ironically his dog yaps all day long and attacks other dogs on the street. It is not worth the headache, I wish someone had warned me.

This place is often extremely dirty and there is trash in the hallways that doesn't get removed or cleaned for weeks at a time. There is also no recycling, which for a building this size is irresponsible.

The actual apartment has a nice looking interior but it's not worth the other issues in my opinion.

Submitted April 1, 2014

Manager is good if he likes you (Marko) - responds to emails quickly, gets stuff fixed quickly. Rent is a bit pricey for the size, but that's because it has good location (right across the street from dorms). If you live on the side facing 424 Kelton (vs. the side facing Pink Palace), it's mostly pretty quiet. Only one elevator in the building, so it can take a while, but usually it's not bad.

Submitted May 1, 2013

This apartment has a great location. It's easy to visit friends in the dorms, frats, and other apartments, and it's a very short walk to campus. The people are great and make for an awesome living experience. The landlord is very receptive to the needs of the tenants. This year, he's painted the walls, replaced the flooring, and upgraded our microwave and refrigerator. Any time we've reported problems in the apartment, he's been very quick to get it fixed.

Submitted April 30, 2013

I absolutely LOVE this apartment! Really great location (VERY close to campus, I'd say closer than most of the dorms), and pretty central to where other friends are living in the apartments or fraternities. There are little balconies for each apartment which is nice. The management is great- landlord is prompt and very accessible for taking care of things and replacing old things (we got a brand new microwave this year!) Overall, great, cozy place to live and extremely suitable for college needs.

Submitted June 2, 2012

Lovely girls apartment needs 2 more ladies for the summer! Our adorable apartment is close to campus (like 3 minutes away).

Fully Furnished:
Couch and bright orange retro love seat
Dining room table
Coffee table

Dates: June 17th-September 16th

Email Sarah for info and for pictures: [email protected]

Submitted March 14, 2012

< 5 min walk to campus!!
ONLY 1750/month!

-Large master bedroom available for rent in spacious 2Bdrm/2Bth apartment.
- 2-3 people
- One parking spot included!
-High-speed internet and cable also included!
-Living room FULLY furnished (two large sofas, coffee table, dining table, La-Z boy recliner, large screen television)
-AC/heater, walk-in closet, personal bathroom, balcony, etc.

Lease Dates: June 16th – September 16th 2012 (3 months)
Address: 403 Landfair ave.

email: [email protected] (Male roommates preferred

Submitted March 10, 2012

Wow. I am really surprised at the reviews for this place. This place really isn't that bad, and its a steal for the area. Despite its not so appealing exterior, the insides of these apartments are pretty nice. The rooms are all 2 bedroom 2 full bath apartments and are pretty spacious (at least compared to all my friend's apartments). I lived here for a year and had only minor problems, but they were always fixed pretty quickly. Also, it is SUPER close to campus which was fantastic. AND, it came with 2 parking spots, and all for a pretty decent price.

Submitted Sept. 9, 2011

Terrible place to live

Submitted March 29, 2011

I worked it out that I don't have to pay too much money for this place, so I like the apartment. It is really close and really small. we have a bunkbed in our room that is a double, which seems like it was necessary.

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