10941 Strathmore

Average monthly rent: $1521.6

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Has Pool
  • Has Landlord Onsite
  • Includes Water
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Overall 3.8
Quietness 3.6
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 4.6
Well Kept
Landlord 3.8
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 3.6


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Submitted Dec. 21, 2016

I've started living in apartments ever since Sophomore year of UCLA and have lived in plenty of areas around Westwood since. Out of all of them, I love Strathmore Towers the most. I've lived here for about 1.5 years now and I have to say, the manager and community here are the best. Though I live in a studio apt. it is spacious and every time something goes wrong, all I have to do is tell the manager and he'll fix it, no charge to my security deposit or anything. The pool is actually regularly cleaned, even in the winter, which is AMAZING. None of the previous places I lived at have done that, and I was always disappointed. There is also free gated parking included for the apt., which is awesome since I have peace of mind that my car won't be ticketed for no reason when parking in the streets like I always see happen to others. The manager does a really good job of keeping the entire complex clean. Once a week a staff of cleaning people will come and clean the hallways, laundry room, poolside, etc. The balcony is a huge plus; it let's in fresh air and tons of natural light. The manage is friendly even if he is a bit loud haha. If you tell him any situations that come up the manager is more than willing to accommodate your needs if he can. Usually the apt. complex is quiet and peaceful. I am so happy I found this place to spend my last two years of school!

Submitted Nov. 25, 2016

This is the second year my boyfriend and I have been living at this apartment. I can say that it has been such a wonderful experience living here. To our knowledge the previous manager, Gabby/Gabriel, was a real jerk and did not make any effort to better the lives of the tenants here. I can gladly say that the current manager, Danny, had already replaced Gabby at the time of our arrival on moving day. Danny is very kind, always asking how we are doing and if there is anything he can do for us whenever we run into him. If there ever is anything that needs taking care of in our apartment Danny fixes the problem with punctuality, and never charges anything for the work he does or the utilities he replaces. The neighbors here are all wonderful and there is a real sense of community among us thanks to Danny's once-in-a-while poolside get-togethers that he invites everyone to during the holiday season and such. He makes sure to introduce everybody to each other and encourages a very positive energy here. I would really recommend moving here, it's quiet, always clean(including the pool), and above all, it's comfortable and you can always be sure that you will be taken care of and treated with respect. Good on the company for getting rid of the previous manager and finding such a stellar manager! Danny gets the job done and then some!!

Submitted Nov. 23, 2016

I live in this apartment since 2015, and I have to say I like this apartment a lot. Although it is a relatively old unit (no AC), everything else is fine. Spacious living room and kitchen, nice landlord, wooden floor etc. The rent is ok too. I pay the 1b1b apartment for $2000 included parking. Overall I will recommend this apartment

Submitted Nov. 20, 2016

WHy does the average rent say 4,000?!?! That's so inaccurate! It should be around 2,000 for a one bedroom, this building doesn't even have two bed rooms to be that expensive.

Submitted Nov. 20, 2016

I believe this apartment building had a horrible tenant a couple years ago. If you guys are reading bad ratings about the landlord, it's probably the older one. The NEW landlord, Danny, is soooo chill. He goes above and beyond to make sure his tenants are living comfortably. He always picks up his phone, and if not he'll make sure to call you back. I lived here starting Fall 2015, until I graduated in Spring 2016. After I left the apartment, my roommate still had a year left and she is now continuing the lease because she loves the apartment and is so comfortable with the landlord and all the tenants. We love Danny! He's so funny and easy going. Literally he keeps the apartment building so clean and has ZERO tolerance for any loud tenants that cause any disruptions. This guy will tell you things how they are, he's honest, straightforward, but more importantly he will listen to your needs help. Again, if you're reading bad ratings, it's about the old manager, who didn't give a cra* about the building and left. Danny is nothing like that. This apartment building is also 5 minutes away from school, super close and convenient. Some of the apartments are renovated, ours was and we loved it! So glad I decided to live here my senior year. As students, we have a lot on our plate going on at school and that's enough stress, so no one wants to deal with issues regarding their living situation. Thankfully, our year went by so smoothly, Danny saved us a lot of headaches, especially since I spent most of my time at my apartment during my undergrad at UCLA.

Submitted Nov. 1, 2016

I've lived in Strathmore Towers for 2 years now and I can't imagine leaving anywhere else in Westwood. The apartment is so close to campus, which is a big plus. But the apartments are also really nice. my apartment has dark wood floors, a nice paint scheme, and granite type material in the kitchen. Overall, very modern look. The laundry facilities are always available and clean. The pool area is amazing as well.

The manager, Danny, is a really nice guy and he truly cares about his tenants. He is always available when needed and never fails to make your experience at Strathmore tower the best it can be. He throws parties within the tenants during the beginning of fall quarter and New Years. I thought this was a great thing because it gives you a chance to get to know others in the complex.

Submitted Oct. 26, 2016

Strathmore towers is a really quiet and clean apartment to live in. No issues since I moved in in 2015. The manager's nice and is on top of everything. The whole building is cleaned once a week which is nice and there are cameras everywhere so it's also safe. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone

Submitted Oct. 19, 2016

This is also my second year living here, which is also the time that the new manager Donny came. I,ll have to say that the whole building is old that there is no AC in my apartment. However, Donny did not rise our rent when we resign with him, this is part of the reason made my stayed. Donny is truly responsible for everything happened in the building. He tries to keep the whole building as quiet, secure, and clean as possible, and he solves the whatever maintenance issue in my apartment right after I dropped any notes, looks like he lives in the box, lol. The building is the closest place to campus but just outside of the Frats area. It is sometimes a little loud when Frats have parties, but it will be quiet during the sleep time. Therefore, really nice manager, extremely closed to campus, really low rent, and impressively safe. If that are all you need, this is the one.

Submitted Oct. 13, 2016

This is my second year living in the Strathmore Tower. This place is not fancy, but safe and nice enough for students with less budget. By the way, the living room is HUGE! It's just two blocks away from campus, which is great for not commuting to school. Rent price has gone up all over in the Westwood this year, but the manager Danny didn't raise a single penny for our rent. Danny came to manage this place last year. I heard the former manager did a terrible job managing the apartment, but for Danny I haven't had any issue with. He is in the building most of the time, so if you run into anything or need to fix something in your apartment, you can reach him either by phone or in person. Highly recommended!

Submitted Oct. 4, 2016

I have lived here for over a year now. The apartment got a new landlord about the same time as I moved in, and he has been nothing but helpful and on top of everything, and he really seems to care about his residents! I am pretty sure the bad reviews on here were about the previous manager who was, from what I hear, quite a sketchy guy and would take advantage of the residents here. The new landlord, even throws annual "Get to know your neighbor" parties, which I think is really cool. It feels like this complex is becoming more of a culturally diverse community, rather than just some random people who live in the same building as you.

When you walk in the front door, the main lobby has a very up-scale/jungle feel to it due to the live foliage growing there. Going deeper into the complex, you'll see the pool area is also very beautiful, with lots of seating and decorative tropical plants to make it feel more like a pool you'd see at a hotel! The place was built in the 50's, so some of the design is pretty historic and cool (if you like that sort of thing) but, it is still well taken care of!

The residents here all are younger "Student-aged" people, and they are very friendly, so far. There aren't ever really any noise complaints in the building, but sometimes you can hear the police trying to quiet down the fraternity houses up the street. All in all, it is an amazing spot near campus for UCLA students to live, I would recommend it to anyone!

The new landlord is on top of things like I said. I have lived in places in the past where something in the apartment will break, and I have to put in a work order that won't get taken care for months; IF, I even get ahold of the landlord. Here, I have had people fixing it by the next morning, and it was just super convenient.

Compared to what I saw a year ago, this place is definitely up-and-coming, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for Strathmore Towers!

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